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Friday, December 08, 2006

I have shifted house! Please visit me at my new house!

Dear friends,

I have shifted my blog to a new blog address:-


I have shifted some of my old blog posts to my new blog address, so don't be surprised if you find the postings look familiar ... hehehe

If you have any comments or feedbacks for improvement for this new blog address, please feel free to email me. Thanks

Friday, November 10, 2006

LIVE in SG! Stephen Pierce Revealed His Secret Internet Marketing Strategies!!!

The Man, Himself -- Mr. Stephen Pierce

News!!! Latest News!!!

Fresh Straight from the "Internet Marketing Stove"!

One of the Internet marketing gurus -- Mr. Stephen Pierce had just recently launched his latest online product in the market. This product will teach you how to succeed in the Internet marketing arena in the shortest time possible and effortlessly. It's guaranteed that you will learn whatever you need to know about Internet marketing in just about 5 hours and also the strategies on how to generate an unbelievable additional income from the Internet.

What most important is that all these successful strategies and techniques have never been revealed before. This is strictly and purely reserved for Stephen's coaching club members who paid thousands of dollars to sign up for his course. This was recorded LIVE from a closed door private mastermind workshop in Singapore. Most importantly, you only need to pay a small fraction of the price in order to access to all these important materials! So what are you waiting for? Grab the opportunity NOW! Opportunity never knocks on your door twice!!!

Through this program, you will learn :-

  1. Purpose of knowing your desire results and the importance to build your relationships with others who will assist you in succeeding.
  2. 5 ways of earning profits for your business and a MUST have for your business!
  3. 12 profit generation methods that help you to increase your profits exponentially!
  4. Strategy to optimize generating leads for your online business.
  5. Purpose of creating a "smart business design" by identifying gaps in the market.
  6. Different marketing research tools to identify the niche market that you can win in.
  7. F.A.S.T.E.R model to follow so as to maximize your profits and create multiple streams of income.

The list goes on and on ... ... (Not listed down due to space constraints and NOT to make you too overwhelmed.)

If you can't wait to lay your hands on this LIVE video, so that you can start or improve your online business immediately and start earning multiple streams of income, then wait no more!

Please click here to Proceed to Your 1st Step to SUCCESS!

If you are a newbie in the Internet marketing arena and need some introduction of the master himself before you are convinced to make the first move, please continue reading his life story.

Stephen Pierce did not have a very smooth sailing life that we commonly have. He went from being a gangster to one of the most successful marketing consultants in the Internet industry today. When he was young, he was a problem child and he was so violent that his family kicked him out of their apartment. Stephen became wise up when a bullet missed his head and penetrated his thigh. It is still there as a reminder of the mistakes he made as a teenager.

The advice and information that Stephen provides are priceless. He had been through it before and knows what should be done to become successful and attain your dreams. His knowledge about so many areas of life is incredible. Stephen also creates "Fibonacci Secrets," "Amazing Trading Plans," "Rapid Fire Swing Trading," "The Whole Truth," "Smart Pages," and many more. Just do a search on any search engines such as google or yahoo, you can find tons and tons of websites on Stephen Pierce and the products he created. Being an entrepreneur of about 10 years, Mr. Stephen uses optimization strategies on both his business and his life and he can help you get the most out of what you have currently and in your future. This man definitely knows what he is talking about. He practises what he preached! He is worth millions and millions of dollars today and what he earned is through Internet marketing!

Please click here to Proceed to your 1st Step to SUCCESS!

Not convinced?

Below is a short clip of an interview by Stephen Pierce with Morgan Westerman and the topic is Power to Create Profits. Morgan Westerman is the creator of "The Interview with God". I believed that majority of you will not find "The Interview with God" unfamiliar as you should receive "The Interview with God" in your email before. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, successful people will hang out together with one another and learnt from each other. This proved that Stephen Pierce belongs to the elite group of Internet marketers. Unlike those people who claimed that they are successful but no evidence to prove their success.

Please click here to Proceed to Your 1st Step to SUCCESS!

Please do not waste any more time thinking about it. Thinking without action is simply a waste of your precious time. As what the PM of Singapore said, "Singapore is going to be the giant hot spot in view of the Internet arena. Therefore the demand for Internet will going to explode both locally and internationally. Some of you may be reserved due to the incident of Internet bubble burst, but those Internet companies failed was because of lack of planning and strategy. They simply jumped onto the boat thinking that it is a lucrative market without much plan. Thus they failed in the end. Having an online business is the same as having a physical business. There is a lot of planning and execution to be done.

Beside benefiitting from this program, when you become an user to this accelerated program, you will receive other free gifts as well to assist you in your online business. Presently, it is on an introductory price that helps you to save a lot of $$$. Please grab the chance now as it is unknown when the original price will become effective again.

If you would like to find out more about this program, kindly drop me an email with your questions and I would try my best to answer them. Thanks.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Oh Gosh! $$$$$ not enough again!!

"Oh gosh! $$$$$ is not enough again!!!"

This is a common phase that many people used many times. People always complaining that their money is always not enough.

Many contribute that their low pay is the cause of their agony and misery. Some contribute that they do not know how to manage their money well. They always spend all their money before the month is through. Some even need to borrow money from their friends to get through the month. Their reason for spending money like water is that they work hard in their job so now it is time to pamper themselves. But they fail to realise that they had actually overspend until the fateful day.

So if you are the person who fall into this category who do not know how to manage your money. Fear Not. Because your solution is here.

There is actually a seminar on wealth management for everyone in November in Singapore. This is actually a good chance for those of you to learn from others -- those experts -- on how to manage your wealth. The price is very reasonable and affordable.

Below is the details of the seminar: -

Date: 11 November 2006 (Saturday)
Speakers: Mark Daniell and Dr Karin Iris Sixl-Daniell
Venue: SMU Conference Hall (Admin Building)
Duration: About 3 hours
Investment: S$50.00 + booking fee

If you are keen in this seminar but is skeptical about the speakers, then fear not. As the speakers actually appear on Primetime Morning Series on Channel News Asia, they are reputable. If you want to know more about this seminar, please check it out in Sistic website.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Stress? Tired? Restless? Something to boost you up???

"Formal education will make you a living;
self education will make you a fortune."
by Jim Rohn

"Target the heart of your customer, not his wallet."
by Rick Beneteau

"Integrity is not a conditional word.
It doesn't blow in the wind or change with the weather.
It is your inner image of yourself,
and if you look in there and see a man who won't cheat,
then you know he never will."
by John. D MacDonald

"Those who seek security are no longer employable."
by Denis Waitley

"When you know clearly what you want,
you'll wake up every morning excited about life."
by Mark Victor Hansen

"Both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought."
by Napolean Hill

"Dare to go forward.
Courage is the mark of greatness in leadership."
by Brian Tracy

"The person with the most flexibility
has the best chance of achieving the outcome he / she desires."
by Tony Jeary

"People who know the most,
know they know so little,
while people who know nothing want to take all day to tell it to you."
by Charlie T Jones

"Big people are always giving someone credit and taking blame;
little people are always seeking credit and giving blame."
by Charlie T Jones

Friday, October 13, 2006

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve" by Napoleon Hill

Recently, somebody made this comment, "We are not going to be millionaires, anyway."

Because of this statement, it suddenly brought me back to the past and helped me recalled what I had learnt through the books and seminars I went.

Like what the subject title I put in this post, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve."

Our minds are very powerful source of creation. Look at how the world has changed. From the era where our ancestors who were the cavemen and hunt for animals, and to the present era where we live in high rise buildings and use technology-driven equipments, all these happened because of our great powerful minds.

Similarly, if you want to gain financial freedom and be a millionaire, of course you can achieve it if you believe in yourself. If you want to help as many people as possible, of course you can achieve it too. Just like in the movie "Pay it forward" where the small boy wanted to help as many people as possible, so when the person who received his help and wanted to pay him back his kindness, he would tell that person that the person can in turn help another person as a form a paying it back to the small boy. This is why the movie is called "Pay it forward".

Like what Mr. Anthony Robbins had said, "You must believe in yourself and tell yourself that you can achieve what you want to achieve. From there, you actually do up a blueprint and set small goals in order to achieve this big goal. You set yourself a deadline to achieve these small goals and think of the strategy in order to achieve these small goals. If the strategy doesn't work, change the strategy and keep on improvising it. Most importantly, don't give up on your goals and dreams.

But definitely, there will be people out there who said, "It is easier than to be done. Life is more difficult than what you picture," and lots of other excuses. Some even blame on others or luck for their failure.

All these people belong to the category which Mr. Robert Kiyosaki has termed as, "The Losers". The losers are those people who give up once they failed and some don't even do anything at all and all they do are sitting down there and keep on whining and whining, complaining and complaining and they do absolutely NOTHING to improve themselves and be a better person.

If you are determined to achieve what you want in your life, and you find that you may be surrounded by some of these losers, please don't let them influence you and allow them to pull you down. Like what Mr. Adam Khoo has said, "Let them go and die and we have less competition." Hehehe. This is a humorous way to encourage us not to give up and don't let all these negative influences affecting us.

So if you keen to improve yourself and lead a better life, you can go to the major bookstores or library to read those books by those famous people I mentioned in this post.

Always with this in mind, "Whatever you have in your mind, it lasts forever. Nobody can take it away from you. Those material things that you own and wear, people can take it away from you. So please spend some quality time by yourself and read the books by these people and lead a fulfilling life of your own."

I have attached a link where it is actually a video clip of Mr. Anthony Robbins's Seminar -- Date with Destiny.

This seminar took place when 911 incident happened in USA. Through this clip, you can actually see how Mr Anthony Robbins helped those people who attended his seminar at that time when the incident happened and how he helped them cope with the lost of their families and friends at that split second. In particularly, Mr. Anthony Robbins actually chose two participants - one who thought he wants to be a terrorist and one experienced the pain of terrorism, and you would get to see how Mr. Anthony Robbins helped these two men aligned their goals and helped them to achieve their greater self. Generally speaking, he helped all these people to cope with crisis and challenges -- to portray leadership in time of crisis.

With this clip, you would get to learn a lot of things. I shall not elaborate more. You should go and see it yourself and learnt by yourself. Most importantly, please don't wait till you are free and watch the clip, as I don't know when this website will be removed. If you go and check out the prices of all those DVD's of those seminar clips of Mr. Anthony Robbins, it actually cost a few hundreds dollars. Now you can actually watch it for free, therefore please grab hold of this opportunity and don't let it slip by. This clip helps to transform yourself. After watching this clip, you realize that your life, from this moment onwards, have changed and life will not be the same anymore. Life will be very exciting and colorful for you and you can't wait to change and become a better person and pursue your dreams and goals passionately.

PS: Remember to prepare some tissue papers. This clip is so touching that Mr. Anthony Robbins also shed his tears.

PPSS: For those who never watch Mr. Anthony Robbin's video clip before, please watch the video clip like a baby. What do i mean by a baby? That means you have nothing in your mind, your mind is blank and you are so eager to learn new things from this master -- Mr. Anthony Robbins. If you watch this clip as who you are now, then you will find that you may not learnt anything and instead you will be skeptical in what he is doing. You will say, "It's bullshit."

On top of that, you must picture yourself as a participant of this seminar. Treat it as Mr. Anthony Robbins is talking to you like a friend. Learn to let go of your emotions, mind and your soul and listen to him attentively. This is the ONLY way that you can truely learnt from him.

To end this note, below is what I quoted from Mr. Anthony Robbins:

Now I am the Voice,
I will lead, not follow.
I will believe, not doubt.
I will create, not destroy.
I am a Force for Good.
I am a Leader.

Defy the odds!
Set a new standard!
Step Up! Step Up!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

"You're Fired!!!" --- N He is Back!!!

"You're fired!!!" -- Do you find this term familiar or unfamiliar?

This term is commonly used by ... ...

Yes, is Him!

Who else but Him!

Nobody else except Him!

He is no other than ... ...

Mr Donald Trump himself!!

And ... ...

The reality show "The Apprentice" is BACK by POPULAR Demand!

For those of you who never watch any single episodes of this reality show before, let me give you an update of what this show is about.

This is actually a competition where a group of men and women will form two teams. Every week, Mr Donald Trump will give the two teams a project assigned by top big corporation's and MNCs and they need to do a good job within the tight deadlines. As all these top big corporations are well known internationally, definitely they will have very, very high expectations from the two teams and if the winning team's work is good, they may used the team's work and launch it commercially. So we can imagine the amount of stress that the two teams are facing every week.

The winning team will get a reward arranged by Mr Donald Trump such as having dinner in a high class prestigious restaurants, having a casual discussion with famous personalities, or having a helicopter ride, etc.

The losing team will go to the boardroom where they are supposed to convince Mr Donald Trump why they should stay in the game and why their team mate should be fired. From the "fire-fighting" going in among the team members, Mr Donald Trump will decide who should be fired and then he will do his classic move -- with his pointing finger, he will point to that particular team mate and tell the person, "you're fired!"

Sometimes, the show actually reaches its climax when Mr Donald Trump suddenly fired more than one team mates.

So this will continue every week until there is only two contestants left in the show. Mr Donald Trump then assigns a project to each of them that is organized by the Trump Organization. Mr Donald Trump will also assign a team of people to these two contestants and usually this team of people were those who were fired in previous episodes. When the projects were completed, the two contestants will go back to the boardroom where they will convinced Mr Donald Trump to choose them as The Apprentice. The winner who is given the title will be in charge a major project by the Trump Organization and all projects under Trump Organization are major scales and worth millions of dollars. Imagine the prestige and status when one won the title of the Apprentice.

What is so attractive about this show that entice me to try my best to watch it every week when I am not working?

Beside the word of wisdom that Mr Donald Trump will advise every week that is related to the projects that the teams are working on, what is most important is when you observe how each team member behaves.

Through each member's behavior, one can actually find a streak of similarity in your working colleagues, your boss and yourself. And through observation, one can learn from others by studying what are the rights and wrongs that they did that led to the success or failure of the project.

From there, you will get to understand what should one do and how should one behave in order to encourage team cohesiveness and encourage the team to strive hard for the common goal of the company.

One can understand different people's personalities as well and aware what should one do when one needs to work with a team mate with such personality.
Though it is just a simple competition, there are a lot of knowledge that can be gained when you think more deeply and be more observant when the game is on.


PS: Mr Donald Trump has formed an online university named the Trump University. You can surf the website to find out more about the courses and also signed up for the newsletter where there will be newsletter email to you periodically and from there, you can learn more and widen your perspective about many aspects of business and others too.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

5 C's = Singapore Dream??

Everyone in Singapore is very familiar with this term - 5 C's. Many people keep pursuing it, some people keep searching for a life partner who owns it and some people keep dreaming about owning it. So what does this 5 C's stand for? It's none other than Cash, Car, Condominium, Country club membership and Credit Card. All these 5 C's represent one thing - status and success.

Currently, there is this movie showing in the cinemas now -- "Singapore Dreaming" and it talks about these 5 C's. In this movie, it also added one more C's and that is Coffin. I have yet to see this movie but I believed it would be good as it presents another interesting point of view to us.

We, living in Singapore, keep working very hard to pursue all these material wealth, but we actually sacrifice a lot of things during this process of pursuing and at the end of the day, if we really did achieve these material wealth, are we REALLY HAPPY? Or are we still missing out something in our life? Maybe these things that we miss out in our life are actually the ones that we really value, but because we are blinded by the importance of all these material wealth, we failed to see the true value of life and there are other aspects of life which are equally important as well, besides wealth.

So I decided to come up with my own version of the 5 C's + 1 C's = 6 C's and I hope that this will benefit you and broaden your mindset too.

"Choice + Challenge + Change + Conviction + Consistent = Consequences"

First, you have the CHOICE to decide what you want to achieve in your life. Everybody has their own definition of success. Some define success as in climbing the corporate ladder, some define it as having a loving family, some define it as helping those in need, etc. So you must ask yourself, "What do I want to achieve in my life?" "What is the most important thing in my life that I must have, in order to have a fulfilling life?"

Then, you must set a CHALLENGING goal for yourself. If you define success as in climbing the corporate ladder, then you can set a challenging goal, such as, "I want to be a manager in a year's time, I want to be a senior manager in two year's time, I want to be the general manager in three year's time, etc." Always set a goal with a given timeframe. The goal must be not so easy to achieve and also not too difficult to achieve so that you will work hard to achieve the goal and not give up half way too as the goal is realistic and achievable. The purpose of having a timeframe is to discipline yourself and not keep pushing it till the next day as all of us have the habit of delaying doing the tasks on hand.

After you set the challenging goal, then you must CHANGE. You must change the lifestyle you are having. You must plan your time very carefully and be detail-oriented so that you would not waste any time and you will make full use of your time to pursue your goal. Always change for the better and always keep changing your strategy if it failed and keep pursuing your goal.

Next, you must have the CONVICTION, the willpower to believe that you will succeed and you must succeed. Nobody can help you to achieve except yourself. Therefore, you must have the conviction that You Can DO It without fail!!! If you don't believe in yourself, then nobody will believe in you too and nobody will assist you in moving you toward your goal.

Next, you must CONSISTENTLY and continuously keep working toward your goal. It is all these small steps that you are doing everyday that help you achieve your ultimate goal. This applied to our education too. We spent about 10 years to get the basic foundation right. Without these 10 years of basic education, we will not know our language, mathematics, science, geography, history and others well. It is impossible for us to master everything within a year and this applies to our journey towards our goal too.

Finally, you will see the CONSEQUENCES of all these effort that you put in. The results that you have been hoping for and always working hard for.

With the achievement of this goal that you set for yourself, it is time for you to set another challenging goal for yourself and repeat the whole process. What makes life so interesting and fulfilling is because of all these goals that we set for ourselves.

So what are you waiting for?

Quick go and decide on your goal and make your choice today!!!

"It is not the destination that matters most. What matters most is the journey that we experience during the pursue of the goal. And this is what makes our life so colorful."

"Always REMEMBER, "Don't Give Up!!!"